Valve actuators form the core of valve automation. We supply pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators. With a torque spectrum of up to 13.000Nm ProtACT GmbH is in the top segment of the suppliers of pneumatic double piston rotary actuators. Complemented by our Scotch-Yoke series with torques up to 240.000Nm we can cover all your torque requirements.

Industrial valves

We have a broad portfolio of industrial valves ranging from manual valves, valves with actuator units to completely automated valve systems. We are characterized by our ability to design and offer you a wide variety of valves that are suitable for your particular application.


In order to prepare valves for use in automated process plants, certain accessory components are required for communication connection. We offer a complete range of limit switches, feedback units, control valves, positioners and compressed air preparation.

Who we are

ProtACT GmbH is your best possible partner for the most modern automation.

We support you in fields of activity such as:

• Industrial valves
• Valve automation
• Automation components and their accessories


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