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PRY series

Highest torques with
maximum functional and operating safety

PRY series

Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators of the PRY series in Scotch-Yoke design offer users the highest torques combined with maximum functional and operational safety. The principle of the Scotch-Yoke actuators has established itself worldwide as the most reliable technology for high torque requirements under toughest conditions.

Every PRY actuator is built for long and efficient use with minimum maintenance. The design, technology and materials used ensure optimum performance even under the most difficult circumstances.

PRY actuators are designed in modular construction. The center module is available in six sizes. A pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder can be mounted on one or both sides. For single-acting applications a spring module can be mounted on both sides. The modular design and the storage of the components guarantee a short lead time.

The closed, weatherproof central module, made of steel or cast iron, offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Technical data

  • Construction
    Scotch-Yoke actuator, Heavy duty,
    symmetrical and asymmetrical
  • Size
    6 actuator sizes
  • Body
    Steel, anti-corrosion coating
  • Temperature ranges
    -20° … 80°C / -40° … +80°C / -10° … +150°C
  • Torques
    double-acting: bis 240.000Nm
    single-acting: bis 110.000Nm
  • Pivoting angle

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