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This Code of Conduct is the basis of our actions and we are proud that it is binding for all our employees worldwide! It is so much more than just a guiding principle for ethical behaviour - it is our anchor that sustains us in all situations.
But this Code is more than just a tool for compliance. It is a call for sensitivity and vigilance against behaviour that does not match our identity. We want each of our employees to be aware of what it means to be part of ProtACT GmbH and the respon-sibilities that come with it.

At ProtACT GmbH do not tolerate any violation of the law and will not protect anyone from sanctions by the authorities. Any violation of laws, international standards and internal regulations will be consistently punished - including termination of emp-loyment and civil or criminal prosecution.

We rely on our employees and expect them to abide by our Code and be aware of their responsibility towards the reputation of our company. Let us work together to ensure that ProtACT GmbH always stands for integrity, responsibility and excellence!

1. Human rights, labour and social standards

Our company stands for more than mere words on paper - we live the international recognition of human rights, labour and social standards and are committed to their strict observance.
But that‘s not all!
Have you ever wondered what it would mean to live in a world without child and forced labour? What would it be like if every human being was treated equally, regardless of age, race, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, origin, religion or disability? We cannot and will not leave these questions unanswered any longer.
That is why ProtACT GmbH is committed to equal opportunities in the labour market and complies with all laws that prohibit discrimination. We stand for collective bargaining and social partnerships, fair pay and fringe benefits in line with local market conditions, as well as reasonable working hours and paid leave. This is the only way we can offer our emp-loyees a safe and happy working environment.
And when it comes to health, we naturally stand by our employees. Access to adequate medical care and health insu-rance are basic requirements for us.
Our goal is to create a world in which everyone can develop and live happily. We are sure that together we can create a better future.

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ProtACT GmbH is your best possible partner for the most modern automation.

We support you in fields of activity such as:

• Industrial valves
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• Automation components and their accessories


Quality is our system.
We are ISO 9001 certified.

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